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lionden_56 07-11-2018 06:53 PM

Question about free agency and feeder leagues
So I feel like this should work intuitively, but I just want to confirm...

If I have two leagues, A and B, and a feeder league. Both Leagues have the Allow Free Agents from Other Leagues and Allow Free Agents to League League options on.
Feeder League feeds into League A, since a feeder can only feed into one league. There's no draft, so they should all enter as free agents. Will it be possible for kids coming out of the Feeder league to sign with teams in League B?

Edit: as I'm messing around and testing this, it looks like players from a feed league will only go into their parent league through the draft, they won't appear as free agents after they hit the age limit for the feeder league. The just kind of sit in no-league Limbo. That's rather unfortunate for what I'm trying to accomplish :( Is there a way to have players from one league enter another as free agents?

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