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If by data corrections you mean stats that are missing or players ending up on the wrong teams, I think I believe i've seen quite a few.

Kieffer Bellows missing stats from last season at BU.

There is an issue where Klim Kostin is not eligible for the AHL (probably because you guys still have his rights listed to Kootenay, even though he will never report there), so at the beginning of every save the Blues waive him and he becomes a free agent for anybody to take.

Alexander Khovanov is listed as being on his KHL team, when in reality he is a member of Moncton. This is annoying because it's a pain in the ass to sign KHL players in this game, should change.

Spencer Knight is a Boston College commit, but he never plays for them. Instead he signs in the NAHL before his draft season (wut lol).

These might seem like minor problems, but I practically have OCD when it comes to this stuff lol.

Will edit if I find anything else.
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