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Originally Posted by Sabres2000 View Post
Hamilton Bulldogs OHL changes:

Players that need to be added to Hamilton:
-Narvin Mutter (Currently free agent no rights was drafted by Hamilton in OHL 2017 draft)
-Nick Donofrio - free agent signed back up goalie
-Jake Murray signed this past march unsigned free agent drafted by Hamilton in 2016
-Arthur Kaliyev - drafted 2nd round in 2017 no rights to Hamilton and is a free agent
-Riley McCourt played a bit last season for the bulldogs and is signed this year but currently a free agent
- Justin Lemcke - was on the roster last year however the team currently has 4 OA's due to the 4 OA rule until January
-Connor Walters - he was on the roster last year for some reason is a free agent in the game
- Stephen Templeton - see Justin Lemcke
- Zach Roy - drafted by Hamilton was signed by Hamilton last week woul put him on Hamiltons farm team
- Liam Van Loon - drafted by Hamilton in 2017 currently signed and playing for their farm team currently a UFA
- Tanner Sheppard - drafted by Hamilton last yera signed by Hamilton and playing for their farm team currently a UFA

Removed from Squad or rights
-Ondrej Kachyna is playing in Czech league had his rights released last season
Mitch Mendonca - released last season attended other OHL camps this year
Matt Luff - on Ontario reign no point of his rights to count towards the 50 reserves
- Luke Martin currently playing NCAA he wont be coming over release rights
- Noah Lugli - release rights
- Brandon Scanlin - release rights
Matthew Wilkins - release rights
Lucas Vanroboys - release rights
Skylar BrindA'mour - release rights
Sean Blimkie - release rights
Brian Brygrave - release rights

If u dont include one of Templeton or Lemcke thats 10 add and 10 removes to equal each other out..

Arena is no longer named Copps Coliseum it is now known as First Ontario Centre
all of the players that are on the top list thta are free agents all have ratings of 1... they need to be re-rated
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