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Originally Posted by JeffR View Post
I was able to make some of those changes, but some things, like the lower junior levels and all playable teams having a junior structure and farm teams, are necessary for player regeneration and development to function properly.
In that case, the club structure should generally be set up like this.

Top club: Metal Ligaen or 1. Division
2nd team: 1. Division (if top club is Metal Ligaen)
U20 team
U17 team
U15 team
U13 team

If all clubs must have a 2nd team, then you could add "2. Division" which is generally made up of 2nd teams of 1. Division clubs, 3rd teams of Metal Ligaen clubs and a few 1st teams of smaller clubs.

There is no U16 or U14 system in Denmark - they go by odd-numbers before U20.

We could use a Danish researcher, if you're interested.
I wish I had the time to help more. I was a researcher for FHM1 but had to stop before completing the danish stuff as I just could not find the time after being done with college and now working fulltime. I will try to post here when I find stuff

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