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August 1, 2004

We had another great month (17-9) and are now 63-45 overall, good for third place and four games behind the Capitals. Being in the race, I traded reliever Dylan Schmitz to the Patrick Legends for outfielder John Cannon, a 37-year-old former Player of the Year. Cannon makes $20M a year with a vesting option for that amount next year that he won't reach, so he's effectively a rental, and as it turns out hasn't been playing much since joining the team because of our glut of outfielders. But he was available and I figured why not! Cannon, who remains a pretty good defensive outfielder despite his age, has an outside shot at 500 career home runs.

We've suffered some injuries on the pitching side of things, with Tane Kunane sidelined with elbow tendinitis, and Austin "Entertainer" Schuh missing the rest of the year for Tommy John surgery. This will end Schuh's Titans career- he was a decent (if not great) pitcher for us the last three years.

Our lineup has been really good from top to bottom this year. Chris Arguello continues to slowly improve, Sean Bartell was a nice addition at shortstop, and Brian McCann has filled in well at second base. Nick Myers has proven to be a dangerous hitter (.290, 30 home runs) and Jonatan Moss continues to rake (.336, 14 home runs).

Cannon unexpectedly was chosen to be an all-star (lifetime achievement award?), as were Matt Kerrigan and Myers. One interesting selection was Sungate shortstop Chris Barger, a somewhat malignant personality who's sat out the 2000 and 2003 seasons when he was not offered a contract, but at 38 still has good pop when he does play.
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