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October 24, 2004

Silverley knocked off Terra City in six games in the TBL Championship Series, going from worst to first in the TBL East. The Mustangs' Vebjorn Kusk went 17-7 with a 2.28 ERA to win the Pitcher of the Year award. Merrick Jalland, who pitched for us in 2001, also had a good year for them. Adamond right fielder Kevin Land was somewhat surprising choice for Player of the Year; he led the league with 42 home runs and 114 RBI, but had only 5.0 WAR. Matthew Kerrigan won the Great Glove award in center field, and Jonatan Moss was our second consecutive Rookie of the Year winner.

Owner John O'Rourke Jr. now feels good about how I'm doing- but cut my salary to $750K! What gives, cheapskate? His goals for next year are actually pretty in sync with mine- a winning record, upgrade catcher (John Bowker has filled that role for too long), improve the rotation (from 16th out of 16- no problem), improve attendance, and turn a profit. Will do, boss.

No changes to our staff this year. We wave goodbye to Austin Schuh, Terrell Samuda, Aaron Maewether, Wu Jiang, Calum Mackay, and John Cannon, all of whom will depart as free agents.
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