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2004-5 offseason

While there were a few big-name free agents out there this offseason (Kevin Land, Angel Perez, Chaz Tucci), we selected from the middle tier, signing infielder Bill "Clank" Naumann to a two-year deal for $8M for year. The 33-year-old Naumann is a two-time all-star who provides speed and versatility to a unit that was already fairly deep. Our most exciting signing might have been 26-year-old pitcher Scott "Bullets" Bynum, a former #2 overall pick who has suffered through a truly epic string of injuries, including THREE severe injuries to his rotator cuff, and Tommy John surgery. But: the upside remains incredible, and he comes to us for $1.5M/year for the next two years, though he'll miss the first half with his latest rotator cuff injury. Finally we signed reliever Armani Toodle (and his top-notch name), a 30-year-old right-hander with a 96-MPH fastball who pitched well for the Marsh Heroes last year, for two years at $3M/year with a team option for a third.

I traded pitcher Gus Garza, a member of our rotation for the last four years, to Adamond for 26-year-old infielder Eddie DeStefano. The 31-year-old Garza was OK, but with our younger pitchers slowly progressing, I didn't feel like he had much of a role with our team this year. DeStefano will be a capable backup in the infield.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to upgrade the catcher position- Rob Bowker returns for another year as the starter. We really have had no one come up through the system to provide us with any depth, and the free agents that have become available have generally been pretty atrocious. At least Bowker comes cheap, at just $1.6M, and his defense is passable.

Former Titan Terrell Samuda signed a five-year deal worth $90M with the Crestmont Bobcats, and pitcher Austin Schuh signed for a total of $55M with Sungate. Knuckleballer T.J. Shankman keeps on ticking at age 39, signing a two-year deal worth $20M with Terra City. Dermott Medforth, who I assumed was dead, signed a contract for $780K with Marsh.

The Titans had quite a few representatives to the Spira Cup this year, which was won by the World team for the first time in five years. Tane Kunane and Manny Carrasco pitched for the World team, and Chris Arguello, Jonatan Moss, Josh Ralston and Armani Toodle for the Terra squad.
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