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And at this point of the season, with the team scuffling and having fallen into 5th place, I find myself pondering the fate of this club. One thought I have is that I have placed a great deal of faith in our Scouting Director, Nick Meskill. I have committed myself to building the club around young players that Meskill believes will develop into solid contributors (if not, yet, any true superstars in the making.) And it is not completely blind faith. The reality is that Meskill is probably the member of the front office with the best reputation around the league. (Somehow, I myself have earned a good reputation. I guess finishing second with an unheralded squad in 1965 has something to do with that.) And with the latest development notes from Meskill issued today, it appears that he remains optimistic about many of our young players, in spite of their current struggles. But at some point, the numbers will have to speak for themselves. So, I try to keep the faith and remain patient. While at the same time watching the aging pitching staff fall apart while youngsters in the bullpen (along with veteran Ron Poblano, second best reliever in the MGL in 1965) struggle to keep things together.
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