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First, I just want to say the player comparison feature makes playing this game significantly more fun and less of a hassle. Thank you for that! Incredible how one feature has made it so much more enjoyable.

I do have one problem to mention. I started a new game, and I can't select supplementary roles for my players. The option on the players' screen isn't there and if you try via the roster screen the option is greyed out.

Also, there's a confusing UI error on the tactics screen. On the powerplay tactics screen, the defensive pairings are Point and Defenceman, but on the part where the player name appears, under Point it says D and under Defenceman it says P. I'm not sure which is which.

Sticking with tactics, I really wish for things like 4v4, 3v3, 4v3, 4v5, and 3v5 instead of Forward the positions were Centre and Winger or something. How does the game decide which 'Forward' is the player to take faceoffs on the penalty kill, for example? I've been assuming since forever that the first forward slot is for centre and the second is for the winger.
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