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Originally Posted by stevem810 View Post
Pablo shipped out the same day he expressed displeasure, or so it seems.
Yep, that's pretty much the extent of it.
I've been very slow to trade with this bunch so far, probably because I was just getting to know them and there was almost nobody I really wanted to part with.
But the reality is that I had several veterans who were due to be FA's at the end of the season and I already over-committed to three veteran pitchers (I hate to react out of a sense of desperation, but that's pretty much what I did) and I knew full well that there was no reason for me to keep Pablo for another season, even though despite his age he still has some value as a player. Though certainly he is not a starter, whatever he might think. And I have been wanting to unload Harrison even though he provided some value in 1965 season as a part-time starter. As you can see above, he's not one of my best character guys. And he's pitched pretty horribly this season. So I was happy to get anything in exchange for him at this point. And I felt it important to free up some budget space. Even with this trade, given how stingy my owner is, we are still over-budget for this season in terms of player payroll.
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