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Originally Posted by Chopps4312 View Post
I've been a long time EHM player. I recently started playing OOTP 18 and love the customization in it. i was wondering if someone could give me some answers in expanding the NHL and/or creating a new league.

Is it possible to expand the NHL to 32+ and if so, what are some of the options for protecting players? Can you choose to protect a certain amount by position like with the Vegas expansion or is it like in OOTP where you just choose how many players each team can protect overall.

How about creating a new league in general? Doing something like the WHA in the 70's. A "rival" league. Is this in anyway possible? Perhaps drafting through free agents and getting players that become free agents down the road to sign for either league.

Thanks for any info you may be able to give,

As for expanding... Season 1 july 1st 2018 u can only expand by 1 team to make 32... The AI protects the players unless ur one of those teams. Come july 1st 2019 u can expand by 2 teams each year up to 36.. You get 1 ahl and 1 echl team per expansion team

At expansion draft i believe its 4 goalies 11 defense and rest forwards 32-34 rounds something like that

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