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The birth year being different made them 2 different players in the database.

Someone already spotted this and reported it in bug reports and it was fixed but not until after the final OOTP18 update.

This type of error is not an OOTP thing. It originates at BBref. Players have spotted hundreds of similar errors over the last year reporting them in the bug report section titled Historical Database issues and 100% of them have been fixed in the OOTP database so that overall the OOTP database is more correct than BBrefs as I do not think anyone reviews the BBref data. Besides birthdates other things that can cause duplicate players are alternate spellings and where they use nicknames and first names interchangeably.

I offered (3 times) to inform BBref of all the errors the OOTP gamers spotted to help them clean up their data but they did not respond.

As you spot errors please report them in the bug reports forum. I check out and fix each one in the OOTP database. Don't worry that someone else may have spotted it already as I'd rather get two reports than zero.
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