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I'm going to be far more critical than either of you two. I have purchased the PC version of this game for years and I've purchased two years of this mobile disaster. It's like I'm trying to convince myself to date this game (poor analogy, I know) but it's hard because I love the portability on my iPad but I want the features of the PC. And I don't want to hear it's not possible. Football Manager, the soccer sim, has been doing it for years with a 90%+ version of their product available on mobile devices.

I get this is not where the money is for their ROI. That's what the PC game is about. But if you're going to make this mobile game an annual version, then it needs to see some significant upgrades or it will die a quick death because the gap between it and the PC version will only grow wider.

And modern devices can run a much more robust game than this offering. I use an iPhone 7+ and an iPad Pro 9.7, both of which are more powerful than needed for anything that would be included in this title. And while I know not everyone has the most powerful mobile devices, the decision to not lean into the cutting edge of the available hardware suggests this title is not intended to be anything more than a hobby market designed to placate the more hardcore PC fans who need a fix on the go.

For me, I won't be buying another version of the mobile game until it sees a significant upgrade.
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