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Are there and IT Types that might be able to Help Me Here at OOTP?

I have been having this problem here at OOTP for the past 2 years now and it's driving me crazy. And the thing is... it's ONLY here (at least so far). But things don't "work right" in by Firefox browser here. And this is a new and updated version of Firefox from last year... yet the symptoms are the same. None of the emoticons work (nor do any of the buttons above). If I type something in "QUOTES" and then later edit it.. it gets posted with with some strange formatting stuff (I'll edit this post after I post it so show what I'm talking about. When I quote someone else's post... I get some strange formatting stuff showing up. And I can NOT put paragraph separations in any post. Oh I put them there.. but when I post it's always one long paragraph. There may other symptoms I'm not recalling right now but it's so frustrating because it's just HERE. But to be fair I don't think I post at any other forum that uses this type of forum software so maybe that's why too. Didn't Mogul used to use similar forum software to this? I guess I could try there if i could remember my password lol Anyway, any help appreciated.
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I guess not. If it helps any, I think it may be possible that I did it inadvertently. Would it be possible to accidentally hit a key while browsing the forums and have something like this happen?? All I know is it worked fine forever... then last year (with the "old" version of Firefox) this mess started and continues to this year (with the new Firefox). Really strange. Guess maybe my only hope is to install and use another browser. Sure didn't want to do that.
I believed in drug testing a long time ago. In the 60's I tested everything. - Bill Lee
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Firefox has been acting strange for me as well since the last update. i find myself more and more using IE to go on these boards. i even installed Avant, which i am not certain i like or not .... but it's not just you. Sometimes Firefox works great for me, other times ..... well ....
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Probably not what you want to here, but try Google Chrome. I switched to it from Firefox a long time ago.
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i use firefox and no problems

what addons are you using? try disabling them all... then if it works, add 1, turn back off -- check each till you find the problem...

adblock-type maybe? these block custom fonts and other elements on occasion and could do exactly what you are describing.

further options:
uninstall fully.. restart. open explorer with windows search and type in firefox, delet anythign that you find. repeat with 'mozilla' in search.


(you can export your settings/bookmarks and whatever else, just in case... do that befreo you uninstall/delete of course.)
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Déjà Bru
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OFG, if you can find it, try reverting back to Firefox version 56.0.2. Important: If you install this version, you must NOT be connected to the internet. Reason: Built-in is a provision to immediately go to Mozilla and download the latest version. Instead, after you install 56.0.2, go right away to Options, General and set it for "Never check for updates." Then reconnect to the internet.

That's what I did for two reasons. Actually three.

First, I like how my current version of Firefox looks and I resent I.T. uh, people, constantly making software changes "for my own good" (actually, to justify their existences).

Second, they made major changes to Firefox beginning with version 57 which, among other things, destroyed most add-ons. Well, did not destroy them but invalidated them so that they could no longer be used. One in particular, Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar, I consider essential and did not want to part with so that Firefox can say "look how fast we are now" (which difference I did not notice when I briefly had 57 installed).

Third, I want to be in charge of my computer. Me, not some knuckleheads in Seattle or wherever. Bad enough that with Windows 10 which I just moved up to at work and sure enough had an immediate issue (2 hours spent downloading and installing an entire new W10 because they said so, thereby wiping out custom start menu and display settings), you have no choice concerning system updates.

Now that said, OFG, just be aware that as time goes on, experts do recommend that you eventually update your internet browser due to security concerns. I am aware of this. However, I live a clean virtual life and I have robust anti-malware programs in place which are constantly updated with virus definitions. I have never had any problem, knock on wood. You need to decide for yourself, however.

The fresh install may help with your symptoms but I think the latest version of Firefox is probably not helping at all. Try reverting back to 56.0.2 if you can. Good luck.

- Bru

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as with any patching process... never be an early adopter. first thing i do is set it to inform me but don't download updates... wait a ~week..maybe google 'firefox XX.XX problems' etc xx.xx is version#

read the changelog.. is it just a security patch or are they adding something new? if just security, update immediately.

microsoft is its own exclusive situation.. most software you want to update as soon as you know it's not bugged. ie feedback of angry nerd rage on internet forums through a google search.

e.g. in win 7 you never want to install the 'optional' patches.. even the odd important one too.. i avoided the whole win10 adware nonsense, becuase i knew the kbxxxxx to avoid through google searches and not immediately updating the moment it is released.

update channels have been hacked before and install malacious crap on your pc, look into "handbrake" example and there are others too. do a little researach before clicking "okay" and blindly trusting them. faith is dangerous.

when it's mostly an asthetic update, i agree with deja bru, but only in those instances. programs get better with time and you should learn to adapt with them.

a good example of where i agree... a button is moved after 5-10 years of being in the same place... for no reason.. that's an asthetic change that's stupid. then ~year later after you build a new habit of clickign in new location, they move it back, lol.

however, new functions can't magically appear without an update. either it will leave you vulnerable to attakcs or some websites will simply not function etc.

the newer firefox loads 3x fater and can make use of multiple processes whiel browsing.. it modernized it to compete with chrome. also, unlike google, mozilla is a community effort that isn't likely to use your private information for profit. hello, google, ms, apple, etc..

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I use firefox without issue. I would begin troubleshooting by starting firefox in safe mode and seeing if the problem persisted: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb...sing-safe-mode
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