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I got more questions

Some things I am curious about, and idk if they are explained anywhere on the forum.

Under AI Settings, there are options for Ratings weight, current year stats weight etc. I just want to know what this is all about.

How can I get numbers that reflect real life numbers. I have a fictional league, but the numbers are outrageous. I know about auto-calcing, but it still happens year after year...anyone have any suggestions on that?

That is all for now, thank you.
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If what you mean is that you want the actual real life numbers to be reflected most closely by the OOTP version of the player, use "real life stats" instead of ratings, and set it for one year based recalc. If your players play in different stadiums than they did in real life, be aware of park effect however. A power hitter in the Astrodome or Dodger Stadium will perform differently than in Coors Field or Fenway Park. But that is realistic, so if a player that played or pitched in Coors is now in a pitchers' park in your game, note that realism will require NOT having the same stats as in real life.

If you want to eliminate park effect you can use neutralized stats, but that will also change the actual results, adjusting them for factors that influenced them.

If you go with three-year recalc, the players will perform according to an average of the current year they are in, and the years right before and after - 25%-50%-25% if I remember correctly, unless you set to a different combination. You can also eliminate the role of the OOTP development engine ratings (the default is set at 30%, with 50% for current year, and 15% and 5% for the two previous seasons. You can set it to 100% current year and the others to zero.

You can also check the box that reads "double effect of current year" or whatever the actual wording is.

Good luck.
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it's a fictional league, so:

go to League Settings -> Stats & AI tab,

should have ~modern values for League totals listed here.. don't change them. on day 1 of season before any games are played, click the Auto-calculate League Modifiers button. if you want more or less of a particular result, change the modifers AFTER you have auto-calculated modifers at some point. could be 2 years ago, etc.

your League Total Modifiers (LTM) are now callibrated to the Totals relative to current players in the league. manipulating the modifiers is more intuitive than totals. with totals you'd have to adjust all of them to add up properly. if you want 10% more of a stat, multiple that modifiers by "1.1".

it won't always work this way... some things are also about proportions. if you just add 10% to doubles and touch nothing else it will affect the other totals of the other types of hits. part of the same whole "1".

the estimated slash will be ~roughly what your league will output in the coming season.

talent does ebb and flow a certain amount over time. adjust modifiers as needed or re-click auto-calculate modifiers. they influence each other because they are a part of the same "1". so, if you increase HR, that will affect BABIP and whatever else it touches.

don't click this every year, though.. if you do it wil be very flat and restricted league total results -- very little ebb and flow year-to-year. that is not the intention of the button, and it says so in the game or in manual.

individual results are obviously tied to league resutls... 500-600ab individuals are obviously extremely more volatile than ~165k AB league totals. however, if after ~100 years you see that ~50hr is max... it's probably never getting much higher.

you can look at it from 2 perspectives and anywhere in between... Either make the league totals hit exactly what you want, or tailor them so that players reach various thresholds of each stat... sometimes this is the same, sometimes it's quite a bit different from each other as far as which values and modifiers you use.

compromise will be necessary... what do you want more? individual results resembling what you want or the league totals? or a mix, of course... it's a spectrum, not an either-or question.

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Originally Posted by Marz929 View Post
Under AI Settings, there are options for Ratings weight, current year stats weight etc. I just want to know what this is all about.
This is how the AI GMs evaluate players, and how highly they value each category when building their rosters. If you set it to 100% ratings, for example, the AI will disregard players' stats completely. There's no right or wrong way to set these up, and everyone has their own favorite way of doing it. Personally, I use 25/40/25/10.
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ai eval affects AI choices.. it will have minimal effect on league wide results.

there very well may be a more optimal ai eval that results in the best possible w/l record over time. but, the whole league isn't simply copying these settings... the gms sliders in the editor will be centered around them in a ~normal distribution... most will be near it, some will deviate greatly.

so, any benefit gained is likely ~lost in similar(not equal) fashion on a league-wide scale compared to other ai eval options. => small differences in results are inevitable due to ai evaluation changes...

it won't make a 80power guy hit more homeruns in any meaningful way. 1-2 more on average? maybe, if the ai makes 'worse' choices for pen and rotation (nearly impossible to predict withough past experience with more than 2 sets of ai eval settings)? the "better" guys will still play no matter what ai evals you use. only the borderline choices will change.. minimal effect on 1 player.

this is one of those things people fret over and it really doesn't mean a whole lot. it's important, just not earth shatteringly important. there's a certain robustness that avoid the worst AI decisions i'm sure. or i hope

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