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An Insight into Team Building Philosophy

I'd like to hopefully get everyone involved in a thoughtful discussion of team building and how you approach it, given a certain level of the unknown as it may.

I believe, and I think others do as well, that the underlying foundation that drives the statistics for Perfect Team leagues are determined in advance by the LTMs (the League Total Modifiers). It's my understanding that the year chosen is around 2010 (give or take a few years). As such, the way the leagues will all appear will look similar to the way the league stats actually turned out for the year in question.

One of the things that always arise in games (especially strategy games) is determining what the correct "meta" is for optimal strategy given the underlying assumptions.

What we've seen here is the development of such here in PT. We can look no further than the wonderful analysis of pitching in the Starter thread that determines the correct ranking of the pitchers, given their pitching ratings.

What has emerged as the current pitching "meta" (and is reflected by the relative AH prices of the different pitchers which is a pretty good indicator of attached importance by the player base as a whole) is that MOV has become increasingly important... perhaps the most important pitching rating now. That is perfectly understandable. Especially in the higher leagues, batting POW appears to be the dominant rating if for no other reason, the home run in general may be considered the most efficient manner of generating runs in the modern era (I am making an assumption because I am as far away from being an analytics guy as there is). To counter this, the MOorV pitcher has come to the forefront, not so much as to prevent HR in general but to reallocate a team's "share" of home runs to other teams. Hence, the rise of the MOV arms race.

Again, a lot of this is due to the fact that the underlying LTM has dictated a certain range of home runs to be generated in a season, the season being 2010 (or thereabouts).

Now, suppose rather than 2010, the LTM was based on 1910 and instead of teams fighting for 4600 home runs, the teams have to deal with a league HR total of 361 (or whatever it would be converted to a 30 team league)? I claim that the meta would certainly change, because then, fishing for home runs become inefficient and that POW and MOV become far less important.

If that is that case, I would anticipate everyone would adjust accordingly and a new meta would arise, driving a different set of strategies to be the most optimal.

My question to all of you then becomes...

If you did not know what the LTM was going to be going forward into a season and only new that it was going to be randomly selected from one of the various eras of baseball history, what would your approach to team building be, knowing that every season (or two or three... but something where it doesn't become too long a time period)? I'm curious as to how you would approach the AH, value placed on individual ratings, things like that. What would your team look like? Your overall roster management? Whether you would spend more on individual players or spread it around more?

I'm looking at it strictly from a competitive standpoint. Those of you who are going to build theme teams (all Cardinals or whatever) are still going to do your thing. But I'm wondering what the rest of you would do?

Would it be different if you were a f2p player? If you spent money to buy pp? I'm curious as to the effect something like this would have on the PT universe.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts.
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Reserve Roster

It's interesting to consider the different eras of baseball. I grew up in the 80's so I'm all about place setters and stealing bases and hitting and running. I had heard early on about MOV suppressing HRs so I sought out pitchers with high MOV. And I built my stadium to suppress homers.

I've built my first PT teams like that but, as I moved up to Gold and now to Diamond, I have since moved on from the SB as a major part of my strategy. The team that won the Gold WS for me featured more than a few players with high CON (Yelich at 81, Ralph Garr at 84).

If OOTP were to randomize the era of play, it would force me to stockpile players on the Reserve in order for me to adapt as I become aware of what the parameters were - is it 2010, or is it 1910? I'd definitely still play as an f2p, though.
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I think "the meta" is a trap. While everyone is competing for that predetermined bucket of HR, I'll be gorging myself over here on those singles & doubles buckets...

So if you put me in the deadball era I'd probably go for HR sluggers
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Renfro (02-13-2019)
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I can see that, but what if you all didn’t know what the era was going in?

I guess it’s similar to the regular OOTP gam decision around ratings versus stats, except stats are only revealed as the season rolls out?

You’re assuming perfect knowledge of the season before it starts. What if that k owledge was hidden from you?

I am not surprised at the answer of stockpiling of talent on the reserve and inactive roster but at some point wouldn’t pp availability come into play?
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My Team Design Philosophy

I hope this is the kind of information you are seeking, and that it may benefit other players.

I'm a free team with 6 playoffs in 10 seasons and 1 championship. I am currently in a Perfect League (3rd season there, and still getting stomped by bought teams for the most part—you don't get many PPs for upgrades if your team doesn't win). However, my team is still playing between 400 and 500 ball with 6 diamonds and 4 silver players on the roster, with golds rounding out the balance.

Since you don't draft in PT, but rather make the best of what you are dealt, supplemented with AH buys, my team building philosophy is as follows:

I've noticed that the game tends to wear out staffs with < 12 pitchers, so I build 13 position/12 pitchers.

The corners (RF, LF, 3B, and 1B) are my SLG% generation slots. I want a balance of L and R between those slots. I look for defense if I can get it. I don't know if the game cares, but I look for my 1B to throw lefty, and for my 3B and SS to throw righty in case it takes those things into account. I try to select players with high Avoid K ratings if possible.

I draft for defense in order of priority: C, SS, CF, 2B, but of course, if I snag an ace offensive player for any of those positions, I will use them.

With only 13 fielders, it is more difficult to set platoons. Therefore, I look for 1 utility infielder (2B-3B-SS) and 1 utility outfielder (LF-RF-CF) who can play all positions competently, 1 backup catcher I keep dedicated to that position, and 1 backup 1B (who, being a power position, usually also ends up being my backup DH). If I get a good R-L split between the 1B and C positions, I might platoon them.

I don't worry too much about speed. It's nice if I can get it, but I don't draft for it. Many good defensive players are already fast.

I prefer lefty batters in the lead-off slot if they are otherwise good for that position.

I try to pick pitchers with low OPSLG%.

For starting pitchers, I just go for the best I can find. I set a 5-man rotation, strict w/occasional best rest.

For relievers, I balance L and R in Setup and Middle Relief, and have an alternate reserve Closer of the off-hand to my best.

For strategy, I modify a traditional model depending on the actual team I get.
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professor ape
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I’m a relative noob being only in my second Bronze season. Especially knowing that 20 is approaching quickly, I am taking the no-spend path. My strategy was to use the AH to build up a base of cheap silver players who could compete. I splurged on a few gold players who caught my eye but then went to opening packs as points became available. I didn’t get much going in my first Bronze season but did pull a Rendon (97) to be my first diamond player and had a strong finish to go 82-80.

My team had solid pitching but my OBP was horrible and I had a hole at 2B so I grabbed value with a Willie Randolph card. I also got value buying Larry Walker (81) and Grandal (83) to fill holes in RF and C. From there I have just kept opening packs as points become available. I think I have been getting pretty lucky in getting Kluber (96), Goldschmidt (91), Paxton (89), and Varitek (83) cards.
Just under half way through my second Bronze season I am running at 52-26 with a ten game cushion in my division. I don’t have any glaring holes right now so I’m just going to keep opening packs and see if I can get lucky with a couple of big cards to keep upgrading my roster little by little.

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When I initially read the first comment, I thought that I would probably build out a bigger roster with more players on the bench to meet the various seasons that we may encounter,

However, I am not sure if that would be necessary....a lot of the superstars would remain superstars no matter what year they played in.
Most of the top pitchers have great Stuff/Movement/Control...so this would likely translate to other years as well.

So maybe the biggest changes would be in the lower leagues where players are more likely to lean heavily in one direction of their ratings instead of being high across all of them.

Personally, the idea of using a different year as the basis is not a bad idea if the direction of the game is to introduce something fresh/new and allow active players to gain an advantage over players that moved on and abandoned their teams.
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I lay a foundation of pitching and defense. They are most important; no matter what era you are playing in. A wise man builds his house upon a rock not a sieve. Through the eras if you had Three Fingers Brown, Mathewson, Dean, Feller, Koufax, Pedro etc, you are ahead in the curve. Now my foundation has been laid, I will roll with the punches for whatever hitting era it is. It will change next year under this random system anyway. But I will still have pitching and defense.
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