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TBCB Inside the Ropes Your game and fantasy fights

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International Boxing Federation

Quarterly Rankings January 1901
WCSam McVeyUnited States2520(22)
1Arthur De KuhItaly2900(21)
2John L SullivanUnited States2850(22)
3Walter NeuselGermany2010(11)
4Mac FosterUnited States2541(19)
5Nick BurleyUnited States3260(25)
6Alexander ZolkinRussia1801(13)
7Jean-Marc MormeckFrance2071(12)
8Ron LyleUnited States1940(14)
9Bill BrennanUnited States1871(12)
10Frank SlavinAustralia2160(17)
Regional ChampionsNationalityWonLostDrawKO
NABFMac FosterUnited States2541(19)
EBUArthur De KuhItaly2900(21)
PBCFrank SlavinAustralia2160(17)
Light Heavyweight RankingsNationalityWonLostDrawKO
WCJoey MaximUnited States3922(13)
1Sam LangfordCanada2701(25)
2Bert LytellUnited States2621(11)
3Philadelphia Jack O'BrienUnited States2510(13)
4Eddie Mustafa MuhammadUnited States2731(23)
5Joe ChoynskiUnited States2000(18)
6Willie PastranoUnited States2531(4)
7Archie MooreUnited States2421(22)
8Tuffy GriffithsUnited States1500(11)
9Mose BrownUnited States2251(15)
10Leeonzer BarberUnited States1410(3)
Regional ChampionsNationalityWonLostDrawKO
NABFSam LangfordCanada2701(25)
EBUGarnett DennyNorthern Ireland2392(9)
WCBob FitzsimmonsEngland2100(20)
1Gene FullmerUnited States2721(24)
2Charles McCoyUnited States2141(15)
3Kelly PavlikUnited States3210(27)
4Carl OlsonUnited States1820(14)
5Harry PeppersUnited States2101(19)
6Paul PirroneUnited States1900(17)
7Ken OverlinUnited States2332(11)
8Joey DeJohnUnited States1600(15)
9George ChipUnited States1501(4)
10Mike LucieUnited States2220(21)
Regional ChampionsNationalityWonLostDrawKO
NABFCarl OlsonUnited States1820(14)
WCHenry ArmstrongUnited States3101(28)
1Rube FernsUnited States3210(21)
2Ricky HattonEngland2941(19)
3Thomas HearnsUnited States3630(34)
4Bobby DykesUnited States2633(10)
5Billy LynchUnited States2000(14)
6Donnie PooleCanada2171(14)
7Eddie ConnollyCanada1860(9)
8Mysterious Billy SmithCanada2070(10)
9Benny ParetCuba2982(8)
10Paddy DuffyUnited States2450(13)
Regional ChampionsNationalityWonLostDrawKO
NABFMysterious Billy SmithCanada2070(10)
WCSammy MandellUnited States2701(9)
1Jim WattScotland2501(17)
2Sean O'GradyUnited States3220(21)
3Lenny ManciniUnited States2220(6)
4Ray LampkinUnited States2010(8)
5Ad WolgastUnited States2204(7)
6Battling NelsonDenmark1700(14)
7Jim HollowaySouth Africa2300(14)
8Tony CanzoneriUnited States1600(10)
9Andy GaniganUnited States1900(17)
10Richie MitchellUnited States2100(2)
Regional ChampionsNationalityWonLostDrawKO
NABFLenny ManciniUnited States2220(6)
WCAlexis ArguelloNicaragua3000(29)
1Dick FinneganUnited States3000(10)
2Jimmy RevieEngland1900(17)
3Davey KoteyGhana2840(21)
4Torpedo Billy MurphyNew Zealand2231(11)
5Will CurleyEngland1600(12)
6Hogan BasseyNigeria2541(10)
7Dave SullivanIreland2032(12)
8Bernie GrantAustralia1811(6)
9Sugar RamosCuba2120(16)
10Jackie WilsonUnited States2071(1)
Regional ChampionsNationalityWonLostDrawKO
EBUJimmy RevieEngland1900(17)
PBCDavey KoteyGhana2840(21)
WCSixto EscobarPuerto Rico2801(13)
1Piero RolloItaly3071(11)
2Speedy DadoPhilippines3141(15)
3Vic ToweelSouth Africa2340(12)
4Orlando CanizalesUnited States3160(28)
5Terry McGovernUnited States3140(26)
6Alan RudkinEngland2711(8)
7Jimmy WalshUnited States2331(7)
8Jeff ChandlerUnited States1710(14)
9Pedlar PalmerEngland1800(4)
10Johnny CaldwellIreland2142(3)
Regional ChampionsNationalityWonLostDrawKO
NABFTerry McGovernUnited States3140(26)
EBUOwen MoranEngland2840(23)
WCRae-Ki AhnSouth Korea2711(15)
1Frankie GenaroUnited States1820(6)
2Yuri ArbachakovRussia2510(22)
3Ramon AriasVenezuela2212(11)
4Midget WolgastUnited States2210(13)
5Luis IbarraPanama1500(5)
6Vincente PoolMexico1800(10)
7Rene LibeerFrance2441(9)
8Orizu ObilasoNigeria2042(14)
9Georgie RiversUnited States2071(5)
10Frankie MasonUnited States1440(7)
Regional ChampionsNationalityWonLostDrawKO
EBUYuri ArbachakovRussia2510(22)
PBCYo-Sam ChoiSouth Korea1711(8)
Top 10 Prospects 1901 WonLostDrawKO
FLYPanama Al BrownPanama120010
LWTommy CampbellUnited States120010
HW George GodfreyCanada111010
MWNino BenvenutiItaly11007
WWJimmy McLarninCanada11006
MWBilly PapkeUnited States11008
HW Jack DempseyUnited States100010
WWJoe WalcottBarbados10009
MWTony ZaleUnited States10009
FWJem DriscollWales6004
Notable Debuts 1901
HW Oscar BonavenaArgentina
HW Frank BrunoEngland
LHWJimmy DelaneyUnited States
MWGennady GolovkinKazakhstan
MWFrank KlausUnited States

Standard random debut universe I like, only I am purposely putting in more of my favorite fighters early and using the format I used in my original Random Chaos Boxing federation from 2007 that I lost when the data was corrupted, which is still my favorite universe. Original 8 divisions only.

Will jump back and forth between this and the ERA Team Boxing League.
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Cap (09-23-2016)
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January 7, 1901Paris, FranceMain Event - Vacant EBU MW Title
MWRandy Turpin2360(19)TKO 7Hacine Cherifi1990(11)
A complete rout for Turpin who cut Cherifi to ribbons, won every round and dropped him in the 6th. 16 seconds into the 7th with Cherifia's eye abloody mess referee Basile finally stepped in and stopped it
LWAndy Ganigan1900(17)MD 10Jimmy Briggs1940(10)
FWKevin Kelley1310(9)KO 2Jimmy Dime1200(9)
HWHans Birkie1022(1)UD 8Pierre Coetzer720(5)
LHWJean Pascal810(3)TKO 4Artie Sanders1130(0)
HWMarvis Frazier000(0)KO 1Lawrence Hammond000(0)
Next cardManchester, England Main Event - IBF World LW Title
LWSammy Mandell ©2701(9)VSJim Watt2501(17)
HWRay Mercer1311(11)VSTom Heeney18123(7)
BWJimmy Walsh2331(7)VSChuck Hellman1111(6)
WWJimmy McLarnin1100(6)VSDanny Needham1240(11)
FLYFritz Chervet400(0)VSGeorge Pearn2101(0)
MWGennady Golovkin000(0)VSBrenden Shuker160(1)

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January 8, 1901Manchester, England Main Event - IBF World LW Title
LWJim Watt2501(17)KO 4Sammy Mandell ©2701(9)
A mild upset in the main event, with the first three rounds showcasing Mandell's long, lethal jab, as the challenger ducked inside and threw short counter shots, with a crisp right hand putting the champ on his back. Mandell struggled, but could not beat the count as we crown a new IBF Lightweight champion at 1:26
HWRay Mercer1311(11)TKO 2Tom Heeney18123(7)
BWJimmy Walsh2331(7)ND 4Chuck Hellman1111(6)
WWJimmy McLarnin1100(6)UD 8Danny Needham1240(11)
FLYFritz Chervet400(0)UD 6George Pearn2101
MWGennady Golovkin000(0)UD 4Brenden Shuker160(1)
Next cardChicago, IllinoisMain Event -Vacant NABF Fly Title
FlyFrankie Genaro1820(6)VSVincente Pool1800(10)
FWSugar Ramos2120(16)VSDave Sullivan2032(12)
MWCharles McCoy2141(15)VSDoug DeWitt2590(9)
WWGeorge Costner1010(7)VSSkipper Kelp1010(4)
HWJoe Jeannette300(3)VSRalph Alexander291(1)
LHWTommy Burns100(1)VSAsh Weber000(0)
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January 15, 1901Chicago, IllinoisMain Event -Vacant NABF Fly Title
FlyFrankie Genaro1820(6)MD 15Vincente Pool1800(10)
We will crown our first NABF champ as they come to scratch, and Genaro shows off better boxing skills through 6, with Pool's pressure keeping it close. It remains tight entering the last 5 rounds when Pool, bruised and tiring, falls off the pace allowimg Genaro to trim him 144-140, 142-142, 144-141 for the NABF strap
FWSugar Ramos2120(16)MD 10Dave Sullivan2032(12)
MWCharles McCoy2141(15)TKO 3Doug DeWitt2590(9)
WWGeorge Costner1010(7)UD 8Skipper Kelp1010(4)
HWJoe Jeannette300(3)TKO 5Ralph Alexander291(1)
LHWTommy Burns100(1)UD 4Ash Weber000(0)
Next cardPhiladelphia, PAMain Event -IBF World Welterweight Title
WWHenry Armstrong © 3101(28)VSThomas Hearns3630(34)
HWJoe Frazier1700(17)VSFrank Slavin2160(17)
BWJeff Chandler1710(14)VSTommy Kelly1620(6)
MWJake LaMotta1210(5)VSJimmy Herring1572(4)
LWKen Buchanan400(3)VSTony Reyes391(0)
WWMilton McCrory300(2)VSDonnie Curry000(0)
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Cap (09-23-2016)
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January 21, 1901Philadelphia, PAMain Event -IBF World Welterweight Title
WWHenry Armstrong © 3201(28)UD 15Thomas Hearns3640(34)
Thomas Hearns looked to avenge his 1899 defeat to the undefeated champion. The opening round was wild as both men rocked the other, and Armstrong walked back to his corner with his left eye swelling. By the 5th round Hearns looked to be in control, as he hurt Armstrong badly, but 'The Hitman' was expending energy at a rapid pace. In round 6 Armstrong began to mount his comeback, but Hearns stood tough in spite of his fatigue and gave as good as he got, until a wicked right hand from Armstrong found it's mark in the 10th, dropping Hearns. Hearns was down again in the 12th, 13th and 14th, but somehow managed to last the distance, even winning the final round. Despite the gallant effort, Hearns conditioning and chin let him down again as Armstrong emerged the victor 144-138, 143-138 and 143-140 in a bout for the ages.
HWJoe Frazier1800(18)KO 2Frank Slavin2170(17)
BWJeff Chandler1810(15)TKO 9Tommy Kelly1630(6)
MWJake LaMotta1310(5)UD 8Jimmy Herring1582(4)
LWKen Buchanan500(3)UD 6Tony Reyes3101(0)
WWMilton McCrory400(2)UD 4Donnie Curry010(0)
Next cardDurbin, South AfricaMain Event -PBC Lightweight Title
LWJim Holloway2300(14)VSTeruo Kosaka1401(0)
MWStanley Ketchel1800(18)VSJoey DeJohn1600(15)
LHWDennis Andries1940(15)VSMose Brown2251(15)
WWJoe Walcott1000(9)VSMatt Wells1881(1)
HWMike Holt430(4)VSJacob Haynes0150(0)
WWAngel Espada200(1)VSSean Pankhurst000(0)
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January 23, 1901Durbin, South AfricaMain Event -PBC Lightweight Title
LWTeruo Kosaka1501(0)UD 15Jim Holloway2310(14)
PreThe inagural PBC Champion will be crowned, with the native son Holloway 2-1 favorite
1Sporadic toe to toe action in a close round, Kosaka busier, Holloway lands the stiffer shots
2Kosaka boxing beautifully, in and out, using the jab well and making Holloway miss
3Once again Kosaka manages distance well and uses his jab effectively to take the frame
4Slow round with lots of clinching as Holloway looks to negate Kosaka's movement, fairly even
5Best round of the fight so far, Holloway hammers away early, but Kosaka rallies at the end
6All Kosaka as crisp jabs and well timed combinations prevent Holloway from getting untracked
7Holloway chases Kosaka as the latter snipes away, not much action and neither fighter damaged
8Crisp exchanges highlight this round as Kosaka shows a willingness to trade and is slightly busier
9Holloway again struggles to catch his elusive foe, who picks him apart, the atmosphere is ominous
10Another round controlled by Kosaka, who has found a groove and seems content to stick and move
11A couple of hard shots landed by Holloway, but Kosaka brushes them off and counters well
12More of the same as Kosaka does just enough to edge the round, as the crowd grows restless
13Holloway grows reckless and gets tagged by a counter right that drops him, it's all Kosaka now
14Best round since the 5th for Holloway, but he is tired and it comes far too late
15Both fighters are spent and few effective punches land in an even round as we go to the cards
Official Decision: The winner 145-139, 146-138, 145-140 and new PBC Champion Teruo Kosaka!!!
MWStanley Ketchel1900(18)UD 10Joey DeJohn1610(15)
LHWDennis Andries2040(15)UD 10Mose Brown2261(15)
WWJoe Walcott1100(9)UD 8Matt Wells1891(1)
LHWMike Holt630(4)UD 6Jacob Haynes0160(0)
WWAngel Espada300(1)UD 4Sean Pankhurst010(0)
Next cardSan Francisco, CAMain Event - NABF Heavyweight Title
HWMac Foster2641(20)VSTony Galento2770(25)
LWAd Wolgast2004(7)VSMaxie Shaprio2330(6)
FLYSusumu Hanagata1920(4)VSGeorgie Rivers2071(5)
MWBilly Papke1100(8)VSBilly Kilgore1213(3)
BWGabby Canizales800(4)VSRamiro Morales3100(1)
FWBlack Griffo000(0)VSKyle Austin000(0)
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The next World Title defenses for each division

Upcoming IBF World Title Bouts 1901
HWSam McVey2520(22)VSArthur De Kuh2900(21)February
LHWJoey Maxim3922(13)VSJoe Choynski2000(18)March
MWBob Fitzsimmons2100(20)VSGene Fullmer2721(24)February
WWHenry Armstrong3201(25)VSRube Ferns3210(21)April
LWJim Watt2601(18)VSBattling Nelson1700(14)April
FWAlexis Arguello3000(29)VSDick Finnegan3000(10)January
BWSixto Escobar2801(13)VSAlan Rudkin2711(8)February
FlyRae-Ki Ahn2711(15)VSYuri Arbachakov2510(22)March
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January 28, 1901San Francisco, CAMain Event - NABF Heavyweight Title
HWMac Foster2641(20)UD 15Tony Galento2770(25)
PreThe mercurial man of a thousand kegs and insults gets his first shot at gold, will the hook be enough?
1Galento looks to brawl inside, but Foster outworks him in an entertaining opening canto
2More mauling and brawling from Two Ton Tony, Foster does some decent work with the jab
3Foster controls much of the round fomr the outside, Galento lands a big shot just before the bell
4A big round for Galento, as a looping hook hurts Foster badly and he takes a beating
5Some sporadic exchanges, Galento again lands the harder shots and Foster's left eye is swelling
6Galento doing all the work early as he digs to the body, Foster rallies briefly, but it's Tony's round
7Some heavy exchanges with Foster getting the better of it, Galento has swelling around his right eye
8This round goes to Foster easily as the right hand finds a home over and over, both men fatigued.
9Back and forth round, both have their moments, Foster is climbing back into the fight
10Both fighters are definitely out of gas, Galento gets some nice shots in on the inside, his round
11For two tired fighters, they exchange some heavy leather, hard to call this one, slight edge to Tony
12Foster comes back big, winning the round easily, but Galento is taking everything he throws
13Much of the round is spent in clinches as fatigue has enveloped both of them
14A fairly decisive round for Foster who drops some nice right hands in, 15th round could decide it
15Galento can barely move, but Foster manages only a few weak arm punches, as they go all 15
Official Decision: The winner 145-140, 144-141, 144-141 and still NABF Champion Mac Foster!!!
LWAd Wolgast2004(7)MD 10Maxie Shaprio2330(6)
FLYGeorgie Rivers2071(5)UD 20Susumu Hanagata1920(4)
MWBilly Papke1100(8)UD 8Billy Kilgore1213(3)
BWGaby Canizales800(4)KO 5Ramiro Morales3100(1)
FWBlack Griffo000(0)UD 4Kyle Austin000(0)
Next cardManagua, NicaraguaMain Event - IBF Featherweight Title
FWAlexis Arguello3000(29)VSDick Finnegan3000(10)
BWAlan Rudkin2711(8)VSRomeo Anaya2340(17)
WWAdolfo Viruet2551(5)VSPaddy Duffy2450(13)
MWHugo Corro1000(6)VSLarry Anzalone1871(6)
FlyHuog Soto310(1)VSJoey Santos000(0)
HWOscar Bonavena000(0)VSDomingo Velasquez000(0)
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Nice universe! I was curious why you consistently put a copyright symbol next to Sammy Mandell's name. Did someone representing him contact you?
A Man of the World
Site dedicated to Sailor Tom Sharkey
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Originally Posted by Mark42661 View Post
Nice universe! I was curious why you consistently put a copyright symbol next to Sammy Mandell's name. Did someone representing him contact you?

Designates Champion
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Mark42661 (11-24-2017)


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