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1914 Hall of Fame

Name:  JPAvilaHOF.PNG
Views: 41
Size:  270.2 KB
J.P. Avila, LHP

The best pitcher in the beginnings of major league history and quite possibly will hold that title for quite some time. He led the league in WAR 9 straight years, won 9 Pitcher of the Year awards, 6 MVPs, 12 all-star selections, 1 Gold Glove, and 1 World Series. He is the current career record holder in Games Started (473), Complete Games (229), Shutouts (73), Strikeouts (2318), and WAR (106.9).

Career Stats: 473 G, 746 BB, 2318 K, 2.07 FIP, 72 FIP-, 106.9 WAR

Name:  LuisSalgadoHOF.PNG
Views: 44
Size:  272.3 KB
Luis Salgado, LHP

Yet another dominant pitcher whose best criticism is "not Avila or Cabedo." He was a 7-time all-star and 1-time World Series Champ. He had an 11-year peak from age 22 through 32 of well above average (5-7 WAR) production. He was the #4 prospect in 1900, though he never did spend time in the minor leagues.

Career Stats: 391 G, 484 BB, 1436 K, 2.16 FIP, 78 FIP-, 68.1 WAR

Name:  JinwooScahillHOF.PNG
Views: 39
Size:  276.6 KB
Jin-woo Scahill, RHP

His career was a little shorter than Salgado's, only because the league didn't start until he was 28. He did win a Pitcher of the Year award in 1908 with the Athletics. In that 1908 season, he set the record for WHIP, (0.84), Opponent OBP (.221), and Opponent OPS (.456). He was also selected to 4 all-star games.

Career Stats: 387 G, 632 BB, 1322 K, 2.36 FIP, 86 FIP-, 64.2 WAR

Name:  JodyDavisonHOF.PNG
Views: 39
Size:  272.3 KB
Jody Davison, 3B

He was 29 at the start of the league and retired at age 42 as the MLB career leader in hits with 2,308. He made 4 all-star teams, won 4 silver sluggers, and a World Series.

Career Stats: 8527 PA, .330 wOBA, 113 wRC+, 67.7 ZR, 54.8 WAR

Ignacio Diadoni, LHP

Diadoni started out as the #50 prospect in 1900 and proceeded to pitch 12 full seasons with 34 or more games started. He had a few notable seasons with well-above average production but mostly stayed in the 2-3 WAR range. He made one all-star team and won one gold glove.

Career Stats: 479 GS, 901 BB, 1175 K, 2.79 FIP, 100 FIP-, 48.5 WAR

Kurt Cheshier, LHP

He was on the path to greatness before injuries destroyed his career. He actually started in college in 1900 and was drafted 12th overall. He spent the next three years in the minor leagues and ranked as a top prospect. Shoulder inflammation set him back in 1903 and delayed the start of his MLB career, which took off as soon as he got going. He made 5 all-star teams and twice finished 3rd in the Pitcher of the Year. However, he tore his UCL in 1912 and was never quite the same, retiring early at age 36.

Career Stats: 323 G, 655 BB, 1213 K, 2.43 FIP, 87 FIP-, 48.5 WAR

Arturo Salas, RHP

A 3-time all-star who hit his peak in the first 4 years of the league but started the injury bug in 1904 and never was the same. He had radial nerve compression, torn UCL, bone chips, strained hamstring, sore shoulder, elbow inflammation, and strained oblique. He finished 3rd in Pitcher of the Year both in 1902 and 1903.

Career Stats: 274 G, 422 BB, 790 K, 2.50 FIP, 88 FIP-, 41.6 WAR

Nick Caruso, CF

Caruso is the first of the feeder created players to be Hall of Fame eligible. He joined East Carolina after the draft in 1900 and was signed by the Athletics as the 12th overall pick in 1903. He made 4 all-star teams and won 2 gold gloves but didn't quite have the peak or longevity for the Hall of Fame.

Career Stats: 5257 PA, .320, 112 wRC+, 81.5 ZR, 38.3 WAR

Juan Navarro, 3B

Navarro was a 3-time all-star, NL championship series MVP, and gold glove winner. He had a very good peak but his skill level tapered off quickly in his early 30s, turning him into average by age 33. He also had a few injuries that kept him from pushing his career longer.

Career Stats: 6484 PA, .311 wOBA, 104 wRC+, 57.8 ZR, 35.9 WAR

Bobby Fendley, C

Fendley is the first catcher eligible for the Hall. Catcher value is difficult to calculate, especially in OOTP - in particular, catcher defense. From what I can see though, Fendley's career simply didn't last long enough to merit enrollment. He did have 7 good years in his 20s but once he turned 30, didn't have much left to offer. He was drafted by the White Sox out of De La Salle High School in Illinois, spent 3 years in Rookie ball, one year in AA and then jumped right into the starting role. He made 4 all-star teams, won a gold glove and a silver slugger.

Career Stats: 4454 PA, .301 wOBA, 98 wrC+, 39.7 ZR, 2.63 CERA (Not a fan of catcher ERA in general but it might mean something in this game), 29.9 WAR

Kazio Marquand, RF

A 2-time silver slugger and made it to one all-star game. He had a couple flashes of brilliance but was mostly a replacement to average player.

Career Stats: 6910 PA, .334 wOBA, 118 wRC+, -77.6 ZR, 22.8 WAR

Sebastien Cavalleri, RHP

He made two all-star teams and led the league in saves in 1905. He had a good long career as a solid closer and high leverage reliever, finishing 3rd in Reliever of the Year voting in both 1904 and 1909.

Career Stats: 437 G, 138 BB, 436 K, 130 SV, 1.58 FIP, 56 FIP-, 20.6 WPA, 18.7 WAR

Leandro Garcia, RHP

Garcia is in the same boat, but with a little less impact at the back end of the bullpen. He lasted 13 years in the MLB which is a great accomplishment in itself.

Career Stats: 552 G, 224 BB, 326 K, 184 SV, 2.54 FIP, 94 FIP-, 18.9 WPA, 5.7 WAR
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1914 Top Players Under Age 30

Simon Walker, LHP

Drafted in the 1904 13th round out of Brother Rice High School in Illinois by the Dodgers and traded to the Cardinals that offseason. He has more than fulfilled his greatest potential which relies on elite command with pretty good stuff. Last season he had 36 walks in 246 innings. His first major league season was in 1907 and he had a few solid if above average years. Once he turned 27, he took another step forward and was selected to an all-star game along with finishing 2nd in the Pitcher of the Year voting.

Maxim Balentin, RHP

Already a Pitcher of the Year winner and all-star, Balentin was drafted in the 15th round of the 1906 draft out of the University of Notre Dame. He lost a year to a torn back muscle but returned strong. His overall rating never looks very great but he is able to produce good numbers over multiple years.

Emmanuel Ahern, LHP

Drafted 83rd overall out of De Pere, WI in 1904. He broke into the major leagues in 1908 and finished 2nd in the Rookie of the Year award. He has been a steady and durable #2/3 starter over the first 7 years of his career

Cezar Castaneda, 2B

Castaneda was an international scouting discovery out of the Dominican Republic in 1906. He was quickly promoted to Low-A and quickly moved through the minor league system to an MLB debut in 1909. His performance has steadily grown from 3.9 WAR his rookie season to 7.7 WAR in 1914. He has made one all-star team and won a silver slugger award.

Nic Wiener, 2B

A young player with high pedigree. He was drafted 1st overall in 1909 out of Washington State. He finished the year in Low-A, played 4 games in AAA in 1910, and then was placed in the Cardinals starting lineup. He won the Rookie of the Year, has made 3 all-star teams, and won two silver sluggers in his 5 years in the league.
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1914 FA Summary

Name:  TomasReedMariners.PNG
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Size:  54.3 KB
Tomas Reed signed with the Mariners, while

Name:  JonathanKinnunenAthletics.PNG
Views: 27
Size:  50.1 KB
Jonathan Kinnunen signed with the Athletics. Pimentel landed with the Brewers for two years with a player option in the second year, and Nate Clements signed a one-year deal with the Royals.
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1915 Top 100 Prospects

Name:  DJLevertonBuffalo.PNG
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Size:  38.5 KB
The top prospect in baseball in 1915 is D.J. Leverton of the Toronto Blue Jays. He was the 1912 1st overall draft pick - He has contact, gap power, speed, elite center field defense, has a great work ethic and is a fan favorite.

Name:  JRDonahoeRangers.PNG
Views: 22
Size:  39.2 KB
The first pitcher on the top 100 prospect list is J.R. Donahoe of the Texas Rangers, who was selected 2nd overall in 1914. Apparently the '15 TPL is a tribute to the HOF career of J.P. Avila.
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1915 NCAA All-Stars

Team 1:

SP Joseph Anglin (CLE) - 3-1, 1.91 ERA, 42.1 IP, 1.20 WHIP, 3.8 K/9, 1.4 WAR
SP Matthew Connor (NCST) - 3-1, 1.90 ERA, 42.2 IP, 1.01 WHIP, 2.7 K/9, 1.4 WAR
SP Dexter Edson (SDSU) - 2-1, 2.97 ERA, 33.1 IP, 0.99 WHIP, 5.7 K/9, 1.5 WAR
SP Matt Emerson (OKST) - 4-0, 0.25 ERA, 36.0 IP, 0.83 WHIP, 5.3 K/9, 1.2 WAR
SP Cherokee Logterman (CSF) - 3-1, 1.95 ERA, 37.0 IP, 1.19 WHIP, 4.9 K/9, 1.3 WAR
SP Dean Mollet (UCSB) - 2-3, 1.70 ERA, 42.1 IP, 0.99 WHIP, 6.4 K/9, 1.8 WAR
CL Keagan Barnes (STAN) - 1-0, 3 SV, 2.19 ERA, 12.1 IP, 1.05 WHIP, 5.1 K/9, 0.5 WAR
CL Sloan Ward (TUL) - 2-0, 2 SV, 0.00 ERA, 7.2 IP, 0.78 WHIP, 7.0 K/9, 0.4 WAR
C Augustus Tosi (UHC) - .410/.452/.538, 78 AB, 182 wRC+, 1.0 WAR
C Jaxson Wallace (BAY) - .356/.420/.603, 73 AB, 3 HR, 182 wRC+, 1.1 WAR
1B Jimmy Engel (SCG) - .300/.406/.575, 80 AB, 5 HR, 165 wRC+, 1.2 WAR
1B Jeriome Parker (GH) - .357/.427/.631, 84 AB, 6 HR, 1 SB, 190 wRC+, 1.1 WAR
2B Karl Hey (PIT) - .293/.379/.524, 82 AB, 2 HR, 148 wRC+, 1.2 WAR
3B Kip Peterman (BYU) - .365/.439/.671, 85 AB, 5 HR, 3 SB, 198 wRC+, 1.7 WAR
SS Gavin Cliff (MIS) - .306/.394/.424, 85 AB, 1 HR, 3 SB, 131 wRC+, 1.3 WAR
SS Archimedeo González (BAY) - .372/.412/.543, 94 AB, 3 HR, 1 SB, 156 wRC+, 1.2 WAR
LF Sterling Dennard (TTU) - .326/.433/.605, 86 AB, 3 HR, 3 SB, 180 wRC+, 1.5 WAR
CF Phoenix Amoss (SMG) - .453/.535/.779, 86 AB, 6 HR, 8 SB, 255 wRC+, 2.5 WAR
RF Kristoffer Ferguson (BYU) - .371/.424/.629, 89 AB, 4 HR, 189 wRC+, 1.3 WAR
RF Felix Todd (PUR) - .447/.520/.671, 85 AB, 3 HR, 226 wRC+, 1.6 WAR

Team 2:

SP Pascal Del Rio (MIS) - 3-1, 1.06 ERA, 34.0 IP, 1.00 WHIP, 5.3 K/9, 1.3 WAR
SP Rob Dyda (MD) - 3-0, 1.91 ERA, 42.1 IP, 0.97 WHIP, 4.7 K/9, 1.4 WAR
SP Wyatt Ludwig (RO) - 3-0, 1.65 ERA, 32.2 IP, 0.92 WHIP, 5.0 K/9, 1.2 WAR
SP Monty Salesbury (ND) - 4-0, 0.50 ERA, 36.0 IP, 0.67 WHIP, 5.8 K/9, 1.5 WAR
SP Rod Tineo (STAN) - 3-2, 3.56 ERA, 43.0 IP, 1.35 WHIP, 6.7 K/9, 1.3 WAR
SP Logan Vaughan (STAN) - 3-1, 2.86 ERA, 34.2 IP, 0.92 WHIP, 5.5 K/9, 1.4 WAR
CL Joe Blankenship (UCLA) - 1-1, 4 SV, 3.95 ERA, 13.2 IP, 1.76 WHIP, 6.6 K/9, 0.1 WAR
CL Ephraim Burkhardt (LOY) - 2-0, 4 SV, 3.63 ERA, 17.1 IP, 1.67 WHIP, 6.8 K/9, 0.5 WAR
C Juan Simpson (LOY) - .355/.383/.566, 76 AB, 3 HR, 154 wRC+, 0.9 WAR
C Scott Taylor (TCU) - .333/.449/.492, 63 AB, 1 HR, 162 wRC+, 1.0 WAR
1B Stinger Faust (LSU) - .329/.358/.588, 85 AB, 4 HR, 152 wRC+, 0.9 WAR
2B Charles Bredehoft (HCC) - .317/.414/.549, 82 AB, 3 HR, 3 SB, 159 wRC+, 1.1 WAR
3B Stan Scott (CSF) - .360/.457/.472, 89 AB, 1 HR, 1 SB, 162 wRC+, 1.2 WAR
3B Ian Willey (UNM) - .379/.432/.540, 87 AB, 2 HR, 176 wRC+, 1.2 WAR
SS Sebastian Denney (LSU) - .345/.367/.701, 87 AB, 5 HR, 188 wRC+, 1.4 WAR (Injured)
SS Andy Tack (GH) - .387/.409/.597, 62 AB, 1 HR, 1 SB, 175 wRC+, 1.2 WAR (Injured)
LF Jagger Routh (SHP) - .330/.422/.511, 88 AB, 2 HR, 158 wRC+, 1.1 WAR
CF Fletcher Pierce (AUB) - .407/.500/.593, 59 AB, 1 HR, 4 SB, 198 wRC+, 1.3 WAR
CF Arnold White (KEN) - .337/.424/.547, 86 AB, 3 HR, 4 SB, 171 wRC+, 1.4 WAR
RF Matthew Quagliata (WSU) - .341/.404/.614, 88 AB, 6 HR, 180 wRC+, 1.3 WAR
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Achievements, April 1915

Injury News:
Fresh off a new contract, Jonathan Kinnunen tore his meniscus and will be out a majority of the season.

MLB Career Milestones:
Yao Lo, Toronto Blue Jays - 500 SB

No-Hitters/Perfect Games:
Fernley Boughton, Milwaukee Brewers, MLB - 7K, 1BB
T.Y. Mann, Jupiter, FLHSAA - 8K, 5BB
Gunner Ryan, Pawtucket, AAA - 10K, 1BB
Joshua Little, Florida State, NCAA - 6K, 3BB
Name:  AntawnColin.PNG
Views: 6
Size:  34.1 KB
Antawn Colin, Mayfield, NMAA - 4K, 0BB - PERFECT GAME

15+ Strikeout Games:

6+ Hit Games:
Willie McMechan, Stanford, NCAA
Ezra Domingue, Iowa, NCAA
R.J. Woods, Waupun, WIAA
Christian Prince, Ashwaubenon, WIAA

3+ HR Games:
Alex Kato, Minnesota, NCAA

Roman German, Los Angeles Angels, MLB
Gael Bethell, Buford Wolves, GHSA
Aydan Nanton, South Mecklenburg, NCHSAA
D.J. Boucher, Osceola, FLHSAA
Jimmy Engel, South Carolina, NCAA
Judd Brammer, North Buncombe, NCHSAA
Guy Werner, Peshtigo, WIAA
Patrick Acosta, Weatherford, TUIL

Hitting Streaks Ended:
Cezar Castaneda, Pittsburgh Pirates, MLB - 29G
Houston Williams, Carmel, IHSA - 26G
Tom Boyce, Clayton Valley Charter, CIF - 25G
Felix Todd, Purdue, NCAA - 27G
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1915 Draft Top 100

Name:  PhoenixAmossStMarys.PNG
Views: 6
Size:  30.4 KB
Phoenix Amoss is finally draft-eligible again and the Dbacks are picking second this year, though they probably won't get a chance to get him. I sure hope he signs because he could be a force in the major leagues right away.

Name:  DenleyWright.PNG
Views: 6
Size:  32.8 KB
The top high school draftee is Denley Wright out of New Mexico

Name:  AJAranha.PNG
Views: 6
Size:  38.3 KB
and this draft is quite light on pitching as the top hurler is A.J. Aranha down at number 32.
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1915 College and High School Champs/Awards

Champion: Clemson Tigers
MVP: Phoenix Amoss, Saint Marys Gaels
Finishes his feeder career with 20.9 WAR over 7 seasons and 5 MVP awards
Top Pitcher: Pascal Del Rio, Missouri Tigers

Champion: Central Grizzlies
MVP: Urdar Arisson, Central Grizzlies
Top Pitcher: Paul Tanksley, Valhalla Norsemen

Champion: Pensacola Catholic Crusaders
MVP: Gabriel Turner, Port St. Lucie Jaguars
Top Pitcher: Gabriel Turner, Port St. Lucie Jaguars

Champion: Gainesville Red Elephants
MVP: Kerry Law, Buford Wolves
Top Pitcher: Jeff Wise, Allatoona Buccaneers

Champion: Teutopolis Wooden Shoes
MVP: Houston Williams, Carmel Corsairs
Top Pitcher: Robert DeVore, Nazareth Academy Roadrunners

New York
Champion: Archbishop Molloy Stanners
MVP: Solomon Lo Duca, West Babylon Eagles
Top Pitcher: Tomas Munguia, Island Trees Bulldogs

New Mexico
Champion: Sandia Matadors
MVP: Jace Stueve, El Dorado Eagles
Top Pitcher: Giovanni Gustafson, Mayfield Trojans

North Carolina
Champion: South Mecklenburg Sabres
MVP: Judd Brammer, North Buncombe Black Hawks
Top Pitcher: John Brown, South Mecklenburg Sabres

Champion: Hidden Valley Mustangs
MVP: Gordon Kenyon, Central Catholic Rams
Top Pitcher: Neill Williamson, Sheldon Irish

Champion: Austin Maroons
MVP: Rod Glass, Southlake Carroll Dragons
Top Pitcher: Phil Rojas, Austin Maroons

Champion: Ashwaubenon Jaguars
MVP: Ricky Allen, Ashwaubenon Jaguars
Top Pitcher: Rodney Hadley, Hortonville Polar Bears
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