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After 25 Seasons come and gone, Things are going to change for 1926

First the St. Louis Cardinals had a Worse Winning Percentage after 25 Years they were forced to relocate to Kansas City, MO but will keep it's Cardinals name, The Team will now play in Muehlebach Field

Second: St. Louis will regain a Triple-A Team as the St. Louis Steamers and will play in Sportsman's Park IV although St. Louis could probably rejoin the Majors as a relocated team before we reach 1950.

Third: The MLB is now expanding to 20 Teams with the addition of the Los Angeles Angels and the San Francisco Seals to the American League as Major League Baseball expands to the Pacific Coast for the First Time as for the National League they've expanded to Indianapolis, IN (Indians) and a new team in the South to be known as the New Orleans Pelicans

Top Choices in the Expansion Draft
Indianapolis - Al Hermann (3B)
Los Angeles - Lenny Metz (2B)
New Orleans - Bill H. Kelly (1B)
San Francisco - Johnny Mann (2B)

Fourth: The League has Realigned
AL East: Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, NY Yankees, Washington
AL West: Chicago WS, Cleveland, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco
NL East: Brooklyn, Cincinati, NY Giants, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh
NL West: Chicago Cubs, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Milwaukee, New Orleans

As For the Minor Leagues: The Los Angeles Angels got a New Triple-A Team in Woodland Hills, CA while the San Francisco Seals puts up a Triple-A Affiliate in Oakland, CA (Oaks) while the Louisville Colonels and the Toledo Mud Hens move to the International League putting up 2 New Teams in the new Western League (was the American Association) with the Portland Beavers (Pittsburgh - AAA) while Charleston Senators relocate to Sacramento, CA but kept the Senators name and the Indianapolis Indians moved to Seattle, WA but kept the Same as Charleston Does and the Cincinnati Reds has affiliate the Mission Reds for the PCL after the Louisville Colonels will affiliate the Cleveland Spiders.

As For Double-A Baseball: It Makes it debut to Major League Baseball as the Eastern League and the Texas League opens up shop for 1926

Eastern League
Binghamton Triplets (Pittsburgh)
Elmira Colonels (NY Giants)
Harrisburg Senators (Washington)
Hazleton Mountaineers (LA Angels)
Reading Red Sox (Boston)
Scranton Miners (Philadelphia)
Syracuse Stars (NY Yankees)
Wilkes-Barre Barons (Buffalo)
Williamsport Grays (Kanas City)
York White Roses (Brooklyn)

Texas League
Beaumont Exporters (Baltimore)
Dallas Steers (Detroit)
Ft. Worth Panthers (San Francisco)
Houston Buffaloes (Cleveland)
Oklahoma City Indians (Indianapolis)
San Antonio Bears (Cincinnati)
Shreveport Sports (Chicago WS)
Tulsa Oilers (New Orleans)
Waco Cubs (Chicago Cubs)
Wichita Falls Spudders (Milwaukee)

And Finally: The Mixed National League secured a Triple-A Deal to put the Southern Association in the game after the Birmingham Black Barons rebranded into the Birmingham Barons.

The Alignment
Atlanta Crackers (Detroit Stars)
Birmingham Junior Barons (Birmingham Barons)
Chattanooga Lookouts (Chicago American Giants)
Knoxville Smokies (Homestead Grays)
Little Rock Travelers (Indianapolis ABC's)
Memphis Chickasaws (St. Louis Stars)
Mobile Bears (Memphis Red Sox)
Nashville Volunteers (Kansas City Monarchs)

Also: The MNL will now play 140 Games while the Newly Revamped Southern Association will have 120 Games to deal with.

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AL East: Boston (98-56), Buffalo (96-58), Baltimore (81-73), NY Yankees (77-77), Washington (72-82)
AL West: Detroit (89-66), Cleveland (88-67), Chicago WS (78-76), San Francisco (46-108), Los Angeles (46-108)
NL East: Brooklyn (93-61), NY Giants (91-63), Cincinnati (91-63), Pittburgh (78-76), Philadelphia (78-76)
NL West: Kansas City (86-68), Chicago Cubs (77-77), New Orleans (62-92), Indianapolis (57-97), Milwaukee (57-97)


Batting Average - Chuck Klein (PIT) .361
Home Runs - Roy Hobbs (BOS) 17
RBI - Roy Hobbs (BOS) 104
Stolen Bases - Frank Luce (NYY) 23
OBP + Slugging % - Roy Hobbs (BOS) .987
Batter WAR - Roy Hobbs (BOS) 7.5
Hitting Streak - Alejandro Oms (BRO) 31
ERA - George Earnshaw (BRO) 2.08
Wins - Don Songer (BOS) 26
Strikeouts - Ed Clough (NYY) 219
Pitcher WAR - Nate Carrillo (BAL) 8.0
Saves - Charlie Schwartz (BUF) 26

AL Semi-Finals: Boston def. Cleveland 4-2, Detroit def. Buffalo 4-1
NL Semi-Finals: Cincinnati def. Brooklyn 4-1, NY Giants def. Kansas City 4-1
AL Finals: Boston def. Detroit 4-2
NL Finals: NY Giants def. Cincinnati 4-3
WS: NY Giants def. Boston 4-3

In the Mixed National League: The St. Louis Stars and the Homestead Grays duke it out with the Grays sweeping 4 games to 0 to win it all, Bullet Joe Rogan is the MVP as the League will expand to 10 Teams in 1927.
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The Mixed National League has been expanded to the South as the Atlanta Crackers and the Nashville Volunteers were admitted to the league, also the Memphis Red Sox changed their name into the Memphis Chickasaws.


AL East: Buffalo (90-65), New York (89-66), Boston (85-69), Washington (82-72), Baltimore (75-79)
AL West: Cleveland (90-64), Chicago WS (82-72), Detroit (73-81), Los Angeles (55-99), San Francisco (50-104
NL East: Brooklyn (96-58), Pittsburgh (94-60), NY Giants (83-71), Cincinnati (74-80), Philadelphia (64-90)
NL West: Kansas City (84-70), Chicago Cubs (80-74), Milwaukee (77-77), Indianapolis (64-90), New Orleans (54-100)


Batting Average - Marty Callaghan (DET) .359
Home Runs - Hack Wilson (WAS), Dick Burrus (PIT), Jack Mealey (MIL) 13
RBI - Willie McCovey (CLE) 103
Stolen Bases -Buster Chatham (CHC) 35
OBP + Slugging % - Marty Callaghan (DET) .913
Batter WAR - Red Shannon (BRO) 6.3
Hitting Streak - Charlie Hollocher (BUF) 31
ERA - Bill H. Moore (BUF) 2.07
Wins - Ray Benge (WAS) 24
Strikeouts - Jim D. Weaver (NYY) 217
Pitcher WAR - Don Hankins (NYG) 8.1
Saves - Jose Cruz (KC) 17

AL Semi-Finals: Cleveland def. Boston 4-3, Buffalo def. NY Yankees 4-3
NL Semi-Finals: NY Giant def. Brooklyn 4-3, Kansas City def. Pittburgh 4-3
AL Finals: Cleveland def. Buffalo 4-2
NL Finals: Kansas City def. NY Giants 4-1
World Series: Kansas City def. Cleveland 4-3
Mixed World Series: Memphis def. Homestead 4-3


Offseason Changes: League Semi-Finals Play were removed

Final MLB Standings
AL East: Boston (104-50), NY Yankees (85-69), Washington (84-70), Buffalo (79-75), Baltimore (74-80)
AL West: Cleveland (88-66), Chicago WS (86-68), Detroit (66-88), LA ANgels (53-101), San Francisco (51-103)
NL East: Brooklyn (91-63), NY Giants (90-64), Philadelphia (85-69), Pittsburgh (70-84), Cincinnati (69-85)
NL West: Chicago Cubs (91-63), Milwaukee (81-73), Kansas City (72-82), New Orleans (63-91), Indianapolis (58-96)


Batting Average - Heinie Manush (BOS) .402
Home Runs - Willie McCovey (CLE) 21
RBI - Lou Gehrig (KC) 98
Stolen Bases - Gustavo Macias (BAL) 31
OBP + Slugging % - Heinie Manush (BOS) 1.005
Batter WAR - Lou Gehrig (KC) 6.9
Hitting Streak - Herschel Bennett (MIL) 35
ERA - Greta Garbo (NYG) 1.97
Wins - Harry Smythe (CHW) 29
Strikeouts - Bill Dunlap (CIN) 208
Pitcher WAR - Jeff Mutis (MIL) 8.0
Saves - Scott Payne (CLE) & Jose Cruz (BRO) 16


AL: Boston def. Cleveland 4-2
NL: Chicago NL def. Brooklyn 4-0
WS: Chicago NL def. Boston 4-0

MNL Finals: Chicago American def. Homestead 4-0


Draft Alert involving a Real Hollywood Star: Ginger Rogers (Vida Blue) went undrafted this year but Van Lingle Mungo (SP) is chosen by the San Francisco Seals as the #1 Pick in the 1929 Draft, Josh Gibson (C) was chosen by the LA Angels as their 2nd pick.


AL East: Boston (98-56), Washington (96-58), Buffalo (95-59), New York Yankees (80-74), Baltimore (67-87)
AL West: Chicago WS (87-67), Cleveland (79-75), Detroit (68-86), San Francisco (53-101), LA Angels (47-107)
NL East: NY Giants (90-64), Philadelphia (84-70), Brooklyn (80-74), Cincinnati (70-84), Pittsburgh (66-88)
NL West: Kansas City (87-67), Milwaukee (80-74), Chicago Cubs (77-77), Indianapolis (74-80), New Orleans (62-92)


Batting Average - Lefty O'Doul (BUF) .362
Home Runs - Lefty O'Doul (BUF) 25
RBI - Lefty O'Doul (BUF) 104
Stolen Bases - Chili Davis (CIN) & Shawn Tucker (MIL) 27
OBP + Slugging % - Lefty O'Doul (BUF) 1.021
Batter WAR - Lefty O"doul (BUF) 6.3
Hitting Streak - Lew Fonseca (DET) 45
ERA - Berle Garland (CHC) 2.18
Wins - Harry Smythe (CHW) 29
Strikeouts - Bill Dunlap (CIN) 252
Pitcher WAR - Jeff Mutis (MIL) 8.7
Saves - Ken Douglas (BRO) 22

AL: Boston def. Chicago WS 4-2
NL: NY Giants def. Kansas City 4-2
WS: Boston def. NY Giants 4-3

MNL: Homestead def. Chicago AG 4-1

Up Next: MLB heads to the 30's
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Non-Celebs chosen in the MLB: LF Jackie Coogan (Shane Mack) - R1SP1 to Cincinnati, RF Bump Bailey (Kiki Cuyler) - R1SP3 to Philadelphia
WS: Chicago White Sox def. Chicago Cubs 4-2
MNL: Memphis def. Birmingham 4-2

Before the 1931 Season: The Indianapolis ABC's Relocate to Little Rock, AR (Little Rock Travelers)
WS: Philadelphia def. Washington 4-3
MNL: Kansas City def. Birmingham 4-3

Before the 1932 Season: Pittsburgh Pirates Relocate to Los Angeles, CA (Los Angeles Stars) team will now play in the NL West while the Indianapols Indians move to the NL East, However Pittsburgh will now have a relocated team after the 1931 Season ends but will play in Forbes Field as planned.
WS: Brooklyn def. Chicago WS 4-1
MNL: Kansas City def. St. Louis 4-1

Before the 1933 Season: Pittsburgh gets a Team Back as the Detroit Stars relocated to Pittsburgh, PA and will become the Pittsburgh Rebels while despite of the dominance of the St. Louis Stars of the MNL, The St. Louis Steamers (MLB - AAA) relocate to Denver, CO and will become the Bears.
Non-MLB Adders in the Draft Class: The Los Angeles Stars took CF Jackie Gleason (Ray Lankford) in the first round as well as Gregory Peck (Greg Myers) who is chosen to the Chicago Cubs in the 5th Round
WS: Kansas City def. San Francisco 4-2
MNL: Kansas City def. Memphis 4-1

Added Non-MLB in the Draft Class: Robert Mitchum (Damion Easley) was selected in the 2nd Round of the 1934 Amateur Draft by the Los Angeles Angels
WS: Kansas City def. Buffalo 4-3
MNL: Atlanta def. Chicago AG 4-3

Added Non-MLB Player in Draft Class: Art Carney (Erik Pappas) is chosen in the 3rd Round by the Indianapolis Indians
WS: Cincinnati def. San Francisco 4-2
MNL: Kansas City def. Chicago AG 4-3

Added Non-MLB Player in the Draft Class: Jeanne Cagney (Don Baylor) was chosen in the 1st Round by the Los Angeles Stars (Pick #11), The Top Draft Choice went to SP Eiji Sawamura to the Baltimore Orioles.
WS: Kansas City C def. Boston 4-2
MNL: Atlanta def. Kansas City M 4-3

WS: Kansas City C def. Buffalo 4-2
MNL: Kansas City M def. Nashville 4-2

Added Non-MLB PLayer in the Draft Class: Jane Russell (Felix Fermin) doesn't chose in the draft but New Orleans selected Charlie Ripple (SP) as the Top Choice.
WS: San Francisco def. Kansas City C 4-3
MNL: Kansas City M def. Pittsburgh 4-3

WS: San Francisco def. LA Stars 4-3
MNL: Pittsburgh def. Nashville 4-1
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AL East: Washington (89-65), Buffalo (78-76), Baltimore (74-80), NY Yankees (73-81), Boston (64-90)
AL West: San Francisco (91-63), Cleveland (85-69), Detroit (74-80), Chicago WS (71-83), LA Angels (71-83)
NL East: Brooklyn (81-73), Philadelphia (78-76), Cincinnati (75-79), Indianapolis (65-89), NY Giants (50-104)
NL West: Kansas City (94-60), Chicago Cubs (84-70), LA Stars (83-71), Milwaukee (80-74), New Orleans (80-74)


Batting Average - Heinz Becker (DET) .349
Home Runs - Johnny Mize & Chuck Workman (IND) 27
RBI - Chuck Workman (IND) 102
Stolen Bases - George Myatt (LAS) 33
OBP + Slugging - Jeff Heath (CLE) .993
Batter WAR - Jordan Palacios (SF) 6.5
Hitting Streak - Andy Gilbert & Francisco Millan (BRO) 29
ERA - Eiji Sawamura (BAL) 1.95
Wins - Eiji Sawamura (BAL) 21
Strikeouts - Andy Sierra (KC) 232
Pitcher WAR - Eiji Sawamura (BAL) 9.8
Saves - Robert Fox (WAS) & Gene Schott (KC) 21

ALCS: San Francisco def. Washington 4-1
NLCS: Brooklyn def. Kansas City 4-1
WS: Brooklyn def. San Francisco 4-3

MWS: Nashville def. Kansas City 4-3
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