Out of the Park Baseball 18 is the best baseball management game ever created. Can you guide your favorite baseball team to glory, win the World Series and build a dynasty?

Manage your favorite baseball team from
the front office and in the dugout.
2017 MLB Opening Day rosters including all the
real minor leagues – fully licensed by,
the MLBPA and Minor League Baseball.
All historical major league
and minor league
seasons (1871-2016) included for free!
Sign free agents, draft the next superstar,
negotiate trades, develop prospects. Guide
your franchise into the infinite future!
Play solo or participate in exciting
online leagues!
Build and customize your own fictional
baseball world.

Out of the park baseball 18


Beautiful new MLB 3D ballpark models, 3D game highlight reels, better player animations,
more realistic player and ball movement take the OOTP in-game experience to another level.


Play games in Challenge Mode, unlock achievements and compare your season scores and accolades to OOTP players from all over the world. Are you the best OOTP manager on the planet?


The historical minor league database has been expanded to include many Negro League seasons, making countless what-if scenarios possible. Let the legendary Negro League players compete against MLB players of the past.

  • 2017 Opening Day Rosters for MLB, MiLB, 8 International Leagues and several Indy Leagues.
  • Tournaments and fall leagues
  • Improved ai
  • Redesigned injury system
  • Ability to retain players salaries in trades
  • New options for team promotions and relegations between leagues
  • Many 2017 CBA rule changes are incorporated in modern MLB games
  • Improved player morale / team chemistry system
  • Improved player creation & development system
  • Improved game recaps
  • Enhanced play-by-play text and league news
  • Beautiful new interface with three different skins
Out of the Park Baseball 18, licensed by and the MLBPA, is our deepest and most-rewarding baseball strategy game yet.

Featuring an unparalleled level of immersion into every aspect of running a baseball franchise, Out of the Park Baseball 18 rewards longtime fans and new players alike.

Pick any MLB or minor league team from the present or the past and manage, scout, draft, trade and sign free based on how YOU want to build a winning franchise. Are you old schoool or new school? Advanced analytics or traditional stats? Play on your own or against your friends in dozens of different ways.

OOTP 18 includes logos & uniforms for all minor league baseball teams as well as hundreds of historical MLB logos!
The Pesky Pole

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Chris Ormie

“There is so much depth.”

Mets Chronicle

This is a must have for any hardcore baseball fan or historian.”

An 8-Bit Mind

93/100: “OOTP 18 is a baseball fan’s Field of Dreams.”

Purple Row

Out of the Park is whatever baseball challenge you want it to be.”

Sports Gamers Online

9/10: “This game is a home run.”

Off the Baggy

OOTP 18 is a must for any baseball fan.”

Bluebird Banter

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Detroit Jock City

OOTP allows you to get as deep into baseball management details as you want.”

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9.5/10: “Still the best baseball sim on the market.”


8/10: “One of the best sport-simulation games on the market.”

Baseball Prospectus Toronto

An excellent baseball management simulator.”

Geeky Hobbies

A hyper-realistic baseball simulation with just about everything you could possibly ask for.”

Digitally Downloaded

4/5: “A legendary franchise.”

TigerClaw TV

“I can’t recommend it enough.”

Gaming Nexus

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GM Games

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Gaming Trend

95/100: “Another fantastic entrant in the series.”


9.4/10: “OOTP 18 is fun, in-depth, and demands you you to play more after every game.”

Co-Op Arkade

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“Out of the Park Baseball 18 is another great edition of the best baseball simulation game.”


PC minimum system requirements: Vista/Win7/Win8.x/Win10, min. 1024×768 display, 1GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, at least 5 GB free HD space, OpenGL 1.4 or newer.


Apple Mac minimum system requirements: Intel Processor, min. macOS 10.8, min. 1024×768 display, 2 GB RAM, at least 5 GB free HD space, OpenGL 1.4 or newer.


Linux minimum system requirements: 64-bit Linux OS, mid. 1024×768 display, 1GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, at least 5 GB free HD space, OpenGL 1.4 or newer.

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