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slane 05-24-2019 10:52 AM

The Brewster Baseball Association is moving to OOTP 20!
The Brewster will transition to OOTP 20 on or about June 6.


Commissioner Matthew Rectenwald was featured on a recent episode of OOTP Now, which you can find here.

Our league was also honored to have been featured in an OOTP Newsletter and here on the OOTP Forums by Brad C. You can check out that article:
Tales From the Multi-Verse: The Montgomery Brewster World Baseball Association

Full League Name (Initials): Brewster Baseball Association (BBA)
Main URL: BBA Homepage
Reports URL: League Reports
Boards URL: BBA Forums
Commissioner(s) OOTP Forum Username(s): Recte44
Email Address: mrectenwald@gmail.com
OOTP Version: OOTP20
Game Needed: Required
Players: Fictional, with your chance to create players!
# of Teams: 30 BBA + 8 UMEBA
Export Deadlines Days And Times: SUN 7am Central, TUE 7pm Central, THU 7pm Central
League Time Per Sim: 7 gamedays
First Season: 1973
Latest Season: 2038
Special Rules & Settings: Constitution, Now featuring StatsPlus and Slack

To Apply: Submit an Application!

Currently Available Teams:

Multiple UMEBA teams. Active UMEBA GMs are generally first in line for BBA openings. We are expanding to 32 teams for the 2040 season, so this is the perfect time to jump in.

I am the PR Director and Historian for the Brewster and I handle recruiting. You can reach me at stephen.lane88@gmail.com if you have any questions about the league.

slane 06-04-2019 01:30 AM

We're just days away from the transition to OOTP20! Apply now!

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