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MTBA - Opening

The Newark Ironbound are in need of a GM if you are interested apply at the website or via a PM here...

Mound Trippers Baseball Association started in 2017 The league is setup so that GM's control rules, expansion, DH, bla bla bla via votes each off-season

Mound Trippers Baseball Association has entering its 6th season (1925)…We have a great core of active GMs...

Also, in the off-season for XFBL and MTBA, (besides having their normal championships) each league will have their respective playoff teams compete for the FBN Championship in a modified double elimination tournament...

We utilize Slack as our primary communications vehicle and the MTBA Forum for posting trades and other pertinent information...

Our Website is HERE... You can find the Rules, Reports, Forums, StatsPlus, Schedules etc at the Website or via "?Links" commands within Slack.

We use all StatsPlus (SITE HERE) features Drafting, Voting, Export Tracking etc....

We LIVE SIM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 1100 ET (7-day LIVE SIMs) .... and in the off-season we run SIMs every day except Sundays... (Schedule Here)...

Come join us as the Ironbound GM and Manage such players within the organization as:



Commissioner - GM - S.F. Giants - XFBL
Commissioner - GM - Acadia Park Nationals - MTBA
GM - Fargo Rage - United Baseball Association
GM - Birmingham Bulls - Heroes Reborn League
GM - Los Angeles Agents - Field of Dreams
GM - Varadero Exiles - World Baseball League
GM - S.F. Giants - American Baseball Legion

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