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Suggestions for Future OOTP Versions Post suggestions for the next version of Out of the Park Baseball here!

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Old 08-25-2019, 02:23 PM   #121
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Originally Posted by The_Niddler View Post
I would like to see OOTP track every edit made in an online league.
If a commissioner makes an edit to a player, it should show up in the players history and be uneditable.
This would help people have more confidence in online commissioners.
In my league, we allow guys to move one personality trait up or down one level.
So as the commissioner, I would love for that to be tracked and show what I edited.
Then it serves two purposes:
1. It shows that I made the change they asked for, but
2. More importantly, it allows league members to know that I am not in there editing players or doing anything that was not asked of me to do.
This is such a great idea

I'm a Commish of a league and I welcome such a "tracker".
Just show when the Settings were accessed, and anything a non-commissioner cannot access.

The more faith you have in your commissioner, the better your league, no matter what you (the Commish) think is on your resumé or how you view your own integrity.
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Old 09-01-2019, 02:17 AM   #122
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I suppose it's a bit late since waiver trades are disappearing IRL, but August trade waivers aren't handled correctly in game and should be. If a player is claimed in a waiver trade, the player should have the option to let the claiming team have the player.
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Old 09-02-2019, 08:30 AM   #123
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I have mentioned this before, but I love the ability to customize the manager's home page and would love to see more options such as dividing the roster box into two parts: 1 that showed the starting lineup and subs with avg., hr, and rbi like now. Then another box with the pitching staff - starters and relievers with roles. Now both are combined in the same box (without subs), but would be really nice if they could be separated into pitchers and batters as an additional option.

Another thing I would like to see here is a box with the players put on waivers. Now you can get a transactions box, but waivers only show up after they have been claimed and changed clubs. I would like to know who's available to claim without having to switch to that specific screen every day of a sim.

If I am simming a season, I often stay on this screen and just hit "sim today" button, over and over unless something important comes up. The more info you can provide on this screen, the less time consuming the sim process becomes.

One more thing I just noticed in Perfect Team is that if you check your achievements after the playoffs end it shows how the current season ended. For example - lost 3-0 in Divisional Series. But after rolling over to new season it only shows "made playoffs". Would be great if this info could be retained season after season so you could see how far you made it each year rather than just whether you made playoffs or won it all.

Tigers only
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Old 10-01-2019, 07:37 PM   #124
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For the 2020 season MLB is introducing a rule where relief pictures have to face a minimum of 3 batters. I sure hope this is going to be optional in next years release. I think it's a horrible rule.
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Old 10-02-2019, 06:38 AM   #125
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Players from NPB and KBO
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Old 10-03-2019, 11:33 AM   #126
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I would like to see a player's career stats against a team. There's a way to see season splits against a team, but there isn't a way to see a player's career stats against a team.
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Old 10-03-2019, 02:19 PM   #127
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Scouting reports
1. Where the scouted player ranks or would rank in the organization according to scouts opinion, eg. 3rd 1B
2. Scout of opinion of what level the player is at. Like current and projected suggested positions, a current minor league or ML level (eg. A+ ball) and a projected level (MLB)
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Old 10-03-2019, 10:55 PM   #128
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More player searching options

I would like to see an option to search for two players instead of just a hitter or pitcher. Ability to search for defensive abilities would help also.
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Old 10-04-2019, 06:38 AM   #129
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Random Debut.
If playing historical and if you play “random debut”, you need to manually turn off “retire according to history” and “miss season according to history”. The game should automatically select those setting and grey it out or at least tell you somewhere to turn those features off. Failure to do so will really mess up your game.
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Old 10-07-2019, 11:34 AM   #130
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More finely tuned ability to auto sell cards in PT.
For example, only auto sell live cards.

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Old 10-07-2019, 02:10 PM   #131
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The ability to see development influence and player relationship info in table form when browsing personnel.

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Old 10-09-2019, 03:45 AM   #132
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Real managers in minor leagues in historical play

I keep asking this year after year, and of course the addition of real managers coming in for the year you start a historical save is a major improvement. BUT

This must go much further to have the "include full coaches" playing historical. Lets take next step getting minor league managers for the year one start. Not very funny to start in 1981 and finding AAA Oklahoma City 89ers managed by a Taiwan bloke. No disrespect but I can hardly see the addition of coaches and manager from countries like that in the 80s.

Perhaps also having the bench coaches in the majors would be nice.

Add these coaches and managers OR make it possible for players to import them into the game so that the fantasy blokes can be deleted.

The situation that often happens is that if you fire your manager you got 95% fantasy managers/coaches to hire to take your team onwards in history.
Total fiasco IMHO.

Perhaps just a minor edit thing. Being able to change reputation. Funny to turn Bobby Cox into a manager if starting in 1986-89, when he took a brake from managing. Then after setting 6-8 years of experience he still is unproven.

Well some sort of advancement in this part of deleting fantasy coaches/manager and bring the real guys into the game. After all they have been a historical backbone of the game and playing history settings isn't complete without them.

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Originally Posted by BronxBombers7 View Post
I think most of us agree OOTP is the best MLB sim out there, but I am noticing some people are disappointed in the new additions to OOTP XX. What I have not seen is any feedback from people indicating what they want to see in future editions of OOTP. With that said...go ahead and list everything YOU want to see in OOTP 21.
Staff promotions within the minor league system, or from minors to majors. Would be great to see a managers career progress through the years.
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Weird request - but, I want functionality that would allow me to import a player from one of my fictional leagues into a historical sim. With facegen, etc.

Without having to try and recreate the player in the editor.
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Old 10-09-2019, 10:50 AM   #135
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I would like to see individual pitch stats. Which pitches do pitchers throw the most? What is the whiff rate? I would also like to see an option in player strategy to focus on a pitch that needs developing. I see a lot of Changes with low current and high potential that never develop.
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Old 10-10-2019, 04:40 AM   #136
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I got a draft issue in Historical play.

If content with players coming into the league every year WITHOUT a draft and ending up in "correct" teams they started in we got no problem.

if one like to have the thrill of drafting from the draftpool each year we got an issue. Lots of players that was signed with teams as young amateurs, 15-17y old LatinAmericans mostly, and of course lately from other countries, Ichiro Suzuki, Nomo, Cuban defectors and so on.
These players actually end up in the draftpool. Imagine drafting Ichiro Suzuki doesn't feel very historical to me.
So I think something in the DB stating if the player was drafted in real life and that should make him enter the draft pool. The others should just end up as FA and being available to be signed by any team.

Starting one save historical in 1981 I got Mariano Duncan, Robeto Kelly, Jose Mesa among many in the draftpool at the end of that year. All was signed IRL as amateurs I think, never entered any draft.
I can in worst case go with young players, BUT the case of Ichiro and all the Japanese, Cubans lately is so un-historical to have in the draft.

Coming to end of 2000 Ichiro isn't the only one looking strange, 37y old Raul Aguilera from Mexico is in the draft and some +100 more over 25y , also Shin-Soo Choo

I tried a solution of getting them out of the draft going through the draftlist when it popped up, but I can't see that it can be done. They all got drafted even if clicking not avalaible for draftlist
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A better understanding of the Minor League System Report. I find it paradoxical at times - or, at least, confusing - to understand the positional ranking within the system and with relation to the rest of the league.

The team top 30 makes perfect sense; I'm simply referring to the positional aspect where it says a team is 23rd in LF, 4th with the prospect depth and 7th overall, etc.

Also a fan of minor-league coaching promotions.

Lastly: the ability for a GM and/or manager to either a) turn down a contract extension from the owner/GM, and/or b) the ability for other teams to approach you (GM/manager/both) with interest while you are currently employed. I know this would amount to tampering, but in MLB it happens all the time if compensation is provided in return - see the Ozzie Guillen MIA/John Farrell BOS hirings as obvious recent examples, in addition to Mike Hazen to the D'Backs, if I remember correctly.

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